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We offer complete car care service from routine dealer recommended maintenance to complete diagnostics and full service auto repair. We know that our reputation is built "one customer at a time" and we appreciate your business.

Since 1970, Tuffy Tire & Auto Service has been committed to treating our customers with honesty, respect and professionalism. Our philosophy is to provide quality parts and service at an exceptional value. We recognize that satisfied customers are the foundation of our business and that our future success is determined by how well we exceed our customer's expectations today!

Done Right. Period. 

That's how we do things at Tuffy® Tire & Auto Service Center. That's why only Tuffy offers a 2-year/24,000-mile guarantee on parts and labor you can take to any store. Plus, we offer a courtesy inspection with every Tuffy purchase. It covers tires, brakes, fluids, exhaust system, battery, belts and more. With every purchase, we even give you 24 free months of roadside assistance, too. We call it ToYourRESCUE®. Our work will be DONE RIGHT. PERIOD. Or we'll fix it for free. Now that's what you call Tuffy totally having your back.

Our full service tire and auto service centers service all makes and models, foreign and domestic, cars and trucks. Our highly qualified technicians specialize in providing quality auto repair services including; brake repair, fluid service, transmission repair, suspension service, engine service, exhaust repair, oil changes, air conditioning repair, wheel alignments, preventative maintenance and much more.

Auto Repair Papillion, Nebraska
Auto Repair and Tire Center Papillion, Nebraska

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Erika Robinson

Apr 06, 2022 – Plattsmouth , NE

“Great auto service. Good reception, pay attention to your car. ”


Apr 06, 2022 – Papillion, NE

“Keith walked me through and explained everything I needed. Professional and no up sell. Going back.”

Mike K

Feb 09, 2022 – Papillion , NE

“Been here for 3 years and finally have a dependable mechanic. We broke down in the Target parking lot, so we walked over to Tuffy where we were taken care of like we were family. Take it from this girl who comes from a family of mechanics that is hard to find. We were even treated that well by the new guy who started today! 2 Eric's and a Jason..you guys rock!”

Katy Perrotta

Dec 17, 2021 – Bellevue , NE

“Being the holiday weekend, yesterday I was trying to find someone who could replace a catalytic converter. The problem being it was for a high rise van. I called Tuffy's in Papillion and spoke to Noe. He was very helpful and reassured me it could be done that day. Noe went over the costs with me explaining my options. I feel he did his best to keep the cost down for me. Noe explained everything that needed to be done. He also had my daughter drive the van (after he did) to make sure it ran fine. She could tell the difference right away. We were so thankful to have found this Tuffy's and that Noe was working there yesterday. He truly knows his stuff and has excellent customer service skills. I hope he can be recognized for the way he represents Tuffy's!! ”

Charlotte R

Jan 03, 2021 – Bellevue, NE

“Papillion location rocks. Had a screw in my tire and they got me in an out in no time. My go to auto service.”


Aug 12, 2020 – Ralston, NE

“The Tuffy’s in Papillion is amazing! The staff is very informative and friendly. They have gone above and beyond to help me with my car. They are now my go to place to take my car. ”

Paula R

Mar 14, 2020 – Papillion , NE

“Diamond in the Rough! Had a squeal under my car; called late and was told to bring it by and they would look at it. They informed me the car needed work as it was not in a safe condition. I was given an estimate and because I live out of town, they scheduled me in the next day. When I arrived to pick up the car, I was informed my brakes, rotors, etc., were bad too and should be replaced. (2003 Honda, 200,000 miles with no prior work) They offered me 12 month no interest financing. Because it was getting late, and I needed to get home, I asked them when they could do the brake work, they said now, and did it. Despite having families at home, they stayed past 6:30 pm to make sure I was out the door. My car is running like a charm. They are located in the same lot as Target and Home Depot, in Papillion, NE. What a hidden Treasure!”

William O

Oct 14, 2019 – Benkelman, NE

“First visit to Tuffy's for an oil change. I went in the morning, the service was fast and friendly. I was not able to use the online coupon due to the type of oil my car requires, but they did offer a discount to me anyway. Thank you Tuffy! ”

Valerie K

Aug 22, 2019 – Papillion, NE

“Hi...I rolled into Tuffys in Papillion after 5:30 with a serious tire issue. My tires were all brand new however one of them was getting ready to blow on me...any minute. After working hard all day...Kris the mechanic put my car on a lift and went to diagnosing my problem right away. Now I know these guys were ready to go...it was quitting time. They (Joseph & Kris) treated me like they were just opening and went above and beyond to help me. I know I was at their mercy yet Kris didn't make me feel that way. He showed me the problem and explained it to me in words I could understand. My reason for this review is to let everyone know that if you need automobile service that these guys offer...you are in good hands...very "good hands". My daughter has used Tuffys for many years. It's a little ironic that just earlier in the day she and I were talking about how Tuffys is her place. Thank you Joseph and Kris. I took my car to the dealership I just bought it from a couple weeks earlier and they made it right.”

Timothy T

Apr 21, 2019 – Papillion, NE

“Doug at Tuffys in Papillion was so nice. I went in to have brakes checked based on dealership recommendation. Doug was accommodating, I feel, honest. He explained what they would look at and if I truly needed the repair, I did. Cost was decent and working done very timely. Thanks Doug and company ”

Vicki T

Mar 05, 2019 – Omaha, NE

“Fast friendly service and great pricing. ”

David M

Feb 12, 2019 – Papillion, NE

“Dropped my car off at 8 o’clock in the morning to have my skid plate reattached (minor yes) however, new holes needed to be drilled, new bolts needed and reattached. It was a cold morning I had my one year-old with and a stroller to walk down to target and kill some time ... they were very aware of my needs, fast and efficient. When I went to pay they said “don’t worry about it it was no big deal just a couple screws.” WOW !!! Being new to the area (and first mechanic that I needed to use) all I can say is they have my business for forever. Thanks guys !!!”

Lisa P

Dec 15, 2017 – Papillion, NE

“Awesome customer service! Gave me a quote and when finished it what was quoted and didn't try sell me services that I didn't need. They also assisted me with trouble shooting a problem my exhaust system. Great honest shop! ”

Brian S

Jun 19, 2017 – Papillion, NE

“We have always have had excellent service with this location. (Papillion NE. I would recommend this location to all. Great job guys!.”


Feb 15, 2017 – Fenton, NE

“I stopped in to have some air replaced in a tire last night, 11/2/16 after work and had been having to do this every few months. Feeling exasperated about why I was having to do this all the time the tech offered to take a look at the tire. I told him that I had had it looked at a few times elsewhere but nothing could be found. He found that there was some loss of bead around the rim and took the time to repair and didn't charge me a dime!!!!! While waiting I had mentioned to Steve, the manager, that my brakes had been squealing badly the past couple of days and I was growing concerned about their performance. He went ahead and asked the tech who was working on my tire to check the front brakes out while the tire was off and lo! and behold showed me how dangerously close to the end of their life they were (I had admitted that I had already made an appointment to have them checked elsewhere on Saturday). I believe he said they were at only around 10 or 20% and he didn't wish to frighten me but I could see the state of the pads myself which had confirmed my feeling about how they had been acting recently. Like I said he didn't wish to frighten me but did make me aware that they were an urgent concern, which I already knew anyway just by how they were acting. He offered to take my car the next morning to do the work (I live in South Omaha but work in their area) but I told him that wasn't going to work because of my job, no ride to/from work etc so he offered to stay late that next night to do the repair right then and there if I wanted to come in after work, which I did. So I did it and it's a good thing I did because by the very next night (tonight) when they got into the brakes (and he showed me while I was standing there) how the rivets had already broken off!!!!!!! That was tonight Thursday 11/3/16....I am off work tomorrow and have some running around to do. That means that it still would have been 2 more days of driving before I would have gone to my original appointment at the other place to have the scheduled repairs done!!!! I don't want to think about what could have happened if I HAD waited until Saturday. I'm so glad that I decided to stop there Wednesday night to get air in that tire!!!!! I drive the interstate every day too back and forth to work...yeah I could have just blew them off until Saturday but it all worked out so well that I really feel like this was truly a blessing in disguise. He also ha the tech check my rear brakes on top of all of this...thanks to Steve and his team. You guys ROCK! ”

Chris R

Nov 04, 2016 – Omaha , NE

“Called in the morning for a battery replacement, they told me they could get me in as soon as I could get there. 25 minutes later I'm on my way with a new battery for the cost they quoted. No bull, no hassles just fixed it and sent me on my way. That is precisely what I wanted. Thank you Papillion Tuffys. ”

William D.

Jul 15, 2016 – Papillion, NE

“I am writing this to say that this staff is amazing! My AC went out on one of the hottest and humid days of this summer. I called 3 different places to ask if someone to simply help me remove these odd size screws from my resister unit in my truck that my husband couldn't even remove in order to replace a part to get my AC back in working order. It was a quick fix, but no one would help. I called Tuffy's in Papillion and they were happy to help without question, when no one else would, in spite of the fact that they were busy. I will always give my business to them for their kind gesture. The entire staff was amazing!”

Momof3 K

Jul 07, 2016 – Papillion, NE

“I love coming to this location. Very friendly, helpful employees.”

Tonya B.

May 18, 2016 – Papillion, NE

“Steve explained what was going on with my car in laymen terms. We discussed my options and prices before any work was done. ”

Matt B

May 03, 2016 – Papillion, NE

“Must say that I'm very impressed with the service hands down. Dropped my car off, got a call from the manager with the issue,fix,and price. Gave them the green light to fix it. The manager had an ETA as to when my car would be done. Again very happy customer here and new management makes a huge difference :) ”

Jason P

Feb 01, 2014 – LaVista, NE

“I'll admit it. I just don't like doing car repairs or maintenance. That's why I appreciate the mechanics at the Tuffy in Papillion. They do a great job, so I don't have to! ”

Rob P

Jun 18, 2013 – Council Bluffs, NE

“Thank you Tuffy Papillion crew for helping with my car repair. I was proud to be able to tell my dad that I got my car fixed myself and he didn't have to handle it for me. Now he and I both feel better knowing I am driving in a safely operating vehicle. ”

Ashley B

Jun 18, 2013 – Papillion, NE

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